Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Cereal Time!!

Last week we started Brock on baby cereal....He is not loving it...He loves that bottle way to much!These are a few pictures from the first time he tried Bless his heart! We try it once a day but he still hates it. We also tried using a sippy cup with some ice water, he loved holding the cup but still can't figure out how to get the water out of it. I will post pictures of that later.

He also started "practice driving" with daddy. It was so cute, and he loved gnawing on the steering wheel. He is so sweet!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Playing with the Camera

Josh's Dad let me borrow his camera to see how I liked taking pictures, and to let me see if I wanted to buy a photography camera. I love it.. Me and Brock played around with it some today. Let me know what you think!

Here goes Nothin'!

Alrighty, Blogging...just another something to add to my busy, busy days of taking care of my four month old! Hopefully it will not take me 3 days each time I post a new blog, or change my blog like it did this time. lol. I am beginning this new 'blogging" for three reasons... One-to keep family and friends updated on my growing little one, Two- for posting some crafty projects I am working on, and Three- my mom.. I can not let her do something online that I am not doing or I have already done.hehe. As of now, I am spending most of my days changing diapers, making bottles, cleaning up spit up, and walking around keeping a 4month old (who wants to be 2) entertained. I am also working on a project for an upcoming wedding by putting vinyl cutouts on glasses(a ton of them might i add). A new interest that I am about to begin is photography. I love the photographer that has done Brock's pictures since he was born, and I want to do the exact same thing. Mainly with just Brock first...then maybe possibly doing other newborns, babies, toddles, and families. But we will have to see how that goes...Photography is looking to be harder than I thought. All for now...Gotta go make one of those bottles!